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              A woman in a tornado escaped from vending machines

              Jan 19, 2019

              Not long ago a deadly tornado visit Louis that states in a small town, the driver of a fedex keira Johnson is a tornado was stuck here. Because she was trapped by a tornado blow down the building, so can quickly hide in the nearby behind a vending machine, she escaped behind the vending machine.
              The whole process of this event is incredibly lucky to be recorded in a nearby surveillance video, video, Payne tver in Los Angeles, on February 23, when video is just beginning, people see Johnson ran to a nearby the door of the hardware store, but it's a pity that the store was locked, before a tornado will store to destroy, she ran to a nearby can only hide behind the vending machine, then the video was black, should be a video monitoring were destroyed by the tornado.
              After the storm, escaped Johnson in the face of the individual, wrote in her see a tornado destroyed this store have seen the end of his life, she can only be tightly catch a vending machine, but soon the vending machine blown over, fortunately the vending machine is just blown not blown away, vending machine after being blown over exposed her. She wrote: "(god) told me to hold the door, when I saw my life flash in front of my eyes, I will do that."
              "Keira Johnson, I don't know how do you survive," the shop owner David sagna wrote on facebook. "Were you only 2 seconds to cover."
              After the investigation found that after the tornado damage, related meteorological service in the United States will position the tornado efr - 2, because it landed on the assumption of the diocese of Penn tver, although after it passes through the town, the highest loss is considered to be EF - 3. Ef2 rating shows that wind speed between 111 to 135 miles.
              "The assumption that parish, in northern Payne tver many residential and commercial buildings are there is an obvious damage." Related meteorological services in the tornado damage report wrote "appeared EF2 level of destruction in this area, two layers of a small apartment building, hardware stores, and other business enterprises has caused considerable damage, even a little shops have been destroyed, and only the remaining part of the building on the ground floor" tornado in nearby parish killed two people in a mobile home park, seven people seriously injured.
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