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              New retail mouthwash vending machines appeared

              Jan 19, 2019

              Many people know this brand tea better, only a universal health brand, was born in 2014, the company address is in Shanghai, introduced a lot of style of gargle of aquatic products is mainly engaged in oral health field, to provide quality health products, because tea is good to see the trend of the market now is advanced towards automation, so the tea and vending machine manufacturers also talked about the relevant cooperation projects, make good tea and guangdong vending machines are perfect combination, realize the vending of mouthwash, also on the vending machine on the relevant ads, allows more consumers of tea to see more of this name. Through this kind of point to point publicity and interaction, through the cognitive and interests of consumers, drive consumers to buy, increase the use and experience, thus forming brand loyalty.
              This vending machine is the main drop zones in some large restaurant chain, characteristic restaurants catering industry such as stores, implant and high precision accuracy usage scenarios, stimulate the potential of consumers to purchase desire. 10 minutes after the meal timing is the key to the oral care, food, especially spicy hot mouth of food residue left in the mouth, easy in the tooth surface formation of soft dirt, filling slot, if not timely cleaning, easy to form plaque, even cause the risk of dental caries. Use tea after a meal better gargle water wash your mouth, on the one hand, able to clean mouth, remove food residue, pure and fresh and tone; Also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, inhibit the formation of bacteria in the mouth, is good for flora of the gastrointestinal system formed. Tea better gargle water vending machine provides customers with convenient, only need to pay 1 dollar and code, can be in guangdong vending machine is good enough to buy a cup of tea mouthwash jelly cup, a cup of, clean, easy to use.
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